GEO Bar- Rebrand

As we face unpresedented times the owners of GEO Bar asked me to help with their rebrand of their bar. The bar was originally used as an event space and the concept or theme was geometric shapes. The interior of the bar had shapes and patterns everywhere. Even though this concept was very clever it didn't follow through onto their menus, social media or any other aspect of their branding. 

Through the rebrand the owners decided to keep the name the same but switch up the vibe of the bar. It is now a luxurious  bright, fun cocktail bar with plenty of photo opportunities to boost their presence on social media. As their bar is surrounded by restaurants and with the recent government guidelines they have changed their menu design to include a three course cocktail menu!



Coign- Type Specimen Screen Print

A poster to promote the typeface Coign using screen print. 

Coign is an extensive study of condensed forms based on the DeLittle type foundry’s Elongated Sans. DeLittle’s type — extending far beyond the realms of legibility — challenges conventional letter-forms, pushing the notion of what is ‘condensed’ to the absolute limit.


A quoin, coyne, coigne or, in this case, Coign, is a wedge-like device used in letterpress printing to lock type and spacing material into place within a chase or directly onto a press. 

September 2019


Mums R Us- Branding

Working with Mums R us was extremely fun, I designed everything from their brand concept, logo, social media and website.

Mums R Us is a blog for new mums, mums to be or anyone who wants to learn a little bit about motherhood. They offer one-to-one sessions on 'support with fathers in jail', 'mummy buddies', they also have a podcasts and runs events!

July 2020



Branding for a commercial club night bringing the ultimate clubbing experience.

Launch night was at Atik Uxbridge

Photos by Brendon Ferataj Photography

March 2019



Rebrand of Veni-Vici, they wanted their rebrand to feel less premium and appeal more to students.

Photos by Brendon Ferataj Photography

October 2019


Avenir Type Specimen Website

A Type Specimen Website based on the typeface Avenir. Each asset on the webpage is directly related to the font. Each circle is the letter 'o' instead of a perfect circle. The weird 'Q' made from lines is a line drawing of the letter q from the font Avenir and Futura. Avenir is based on the font Futura and found this really interesting that the typefaces only had small differneces and had to include it!


This website was made entirely on Muse. Each asset 'floats' to keep the theme of futuristic.


November 2018



A book cover design for a book based on a true story about a girl who struggled with keeping up with social media and the mental health problems that follow. 


The idea behind the cover is that we are all being morphed into the same idea of 'perfect' and becoming one branded society.

(not a real book)

December 2018


Empower Magazine

Following strict guidelines I had to create a magazine with photos from a photographer of my choice. I chose The Wade Brothers. I found all of their photos inspirational so went for the title 'empower'. 


January 2019


Tesla - LingoLearn

A smart app that comes inbuilt in your Tesla which allows you to enhance your travelling experience. Lingolearn updates every time you enter a new country and syncs automatically with your location. Lingolearn allows you to stream different music / movies from the country you are in at the time. It also allows you to challenge yourself by learning new key phrases and words in another language and also provides a translator tool to help you with any key words / phrases you may need to know / not understand.

Worked with Hemi Patel

September 2018


The Salisbury Foundation

The Salisbury Foundation contacted The University of Hertfordshire to make their brand identity for them. 


The Salisbury family is from Hatfield. I started my research with Hatfield House and the Salisbury family crest.


A bold logotype has been created, using the tittle above the ‘i’ to represent the diamond shape featured in the windows of Hatfield house, as well as Salisbury family crests.


The shapes also suggest the format of newspapers, as well as more contemporary digital devices.


An own-able brand pattern has been created, featuring five diamond shapes used to represent the five principles of journalism:

-Truth and Accuracy 


-Fairness and Impartiality 




The ‘5-diamond’ asset can also be used to represent the letter ‘S’ of ‘Salisbury’.


November 2018



Rasa Sudanese Resturant


Aimed at youths that shop at Urban Outfitters and eat at Wahacca. 


A fresh, new, funky place to eat with your friends. 


The typeface is designed by myself. I used the typeface as own-able assets of the brand, using it on the packaging, menu, display board etc. The blue stripe represents the River Severn that flows through Sudan. 


Summer Project- 2018


Bellow Shamane

Bellow Shamane

A personal project. 


I was approached by this artists girlfriend who wanted a Tshirt with all of his songs on it. She didnt want a typical tour type tshirt and mentioned that his favorite animal was a lion. 

August 2018

A personal project. 


I was approached by this artists girlfriend who wanted a Tshirt with all of his songs on it. She didnt want a typical tour type tshirt and mentioned that his favorite animal was a lion. 

August 2018

The language

of type 

A University project to help us experiment with type. 


We had 1 hour to find typefaces that match the sentances given.


The rules- 

2 x high priced typefaces

2 x affordable typefaces

2 x free typefaces


I enjoyed this project as it helped me understand the importance of choing the right typeface to fit what you are designing. 


Event Flyers

I am currently working with The Mix It Up Group as their in-house graphic designer. They own a number of companies and I complete all design work needed. 

Their main business is Geo Bar (Eastcote) and Royal Lounge Wembley.

I design each of their flyers in less than an hour ready to be posted on social media. 

Check out their instagram @tmiug

Geo Bar- @geoeastcote

Royal Lounge- @royalloungewembley