Being creative is natural to me. I was always the artist of the family, starting off by making my own greeting cards, flyers and invites at every moment I could and getting the lead roll in my performing arts ballet recitals.


Knowing I was good at creative arts and awful at the academic side of things I went to college and studied Art and Design. My tutor took a look at my portfolio in my interview and said 'you are a graphic designer'. 

Over the past few years I have pushed myself to learn as much as humanly possible for myself. Since then I have graduated from college with a triple distinction * in Art and Design, completed a foundation degree in graphic design, did a few small courses on typography and layout, and I am currently (slowly) teaching myself to code. It’s not just designing I enjoy I also love the process of print, spray painting, craft and typography.

I love designing and believe in the power of working hard gets you to where you want to be.

I currently work as a Creative Marketing + Fund-raising executive for One YMCA, doing all things creative, fun and digital!